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Patanjali Dant Kanti Advanced Dental Cream

₹ 47

Patanjali Dant Kanti Advanced Toothpaste has a matchless formula of 26 priceless herbs which improves oral health. From offering dental protection to dental beauty, Dant Kanti form...

Patanjali Dant Kanti Medicated ORAL GEL

₹ 47

Patanjali dant kanti medicated to find relief from teeth and gum sensitivity that occurs when you bite into hot or cold foods. A unique fluorinated blue gel that is infused with th...

Dabur Babool Ayurvedic Paste

₹ 30

Dabur's age-old wisdom and 5 powerful Ayurvedic ingredients like Babool, Clove, Triphala, Pudina and Patchouli, Dabur Babool Ayurvedic Toothpaste gives your family all-round pr...

Paansmith Aam Chowki

₹ 120

Paansmith Aam Chowki 200gm

Paansmith Anardana Goli

₹ 120

Paansmith Anardana Goli 220gm

Paansmith Heing Goli

₹ 120

Beneficial in hunger, bloating of the stomach, bloating of the stomach and also eliminates tridosha. Eat and digest whatever you like. In these days Amlapitta, Indigestion, Imprope...

Anchor Cooling Fresh Gel Toothpaste

₹ 64

The all new Anchor Red Gel Toothpaste has a revolutionary micro-crystal based formula and uses the latest Japanese Coolact technology to give you stronger teeth and longer-lasting ...

Colgate Maxfresh Cooling Crystals Spicy Fresh

₹ 51

Colgate Maxfresh Spicy Red gel toothpaste. Infused with cooling crystals, this red gel toothpaste keeps your breath fresh for long hours. The tingling spicy fresh flavor and the tr...

Sensodyne Toothpaste Fresh Mint

₹ 110

Sensodyne toothpaste works to relieve tooth pain due to sensitive teeth and provides lasting protection all day, every day when used as directed.

Closeup Everfresh+ Anti-Germ Gel Toothpaste Red Hot

₹ 52

Closeup Everfresh+ Gel Toothpaste now in Triple Fresh Formula harnesses the combined power of 3 components - Active Zinc mouthwash, Purifying Gel and Natural Extracts of Tea Tree a...

Paansmith Ram Ladoo

₹ 120

Paansmith Ram Ladoo 220gm

Paansmith Madrasi Fusion

₹ 120

Paansmith Madrasi Fusion 200gm